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business toolsWhether you’re researching competitors, preparing for a job interview, investigating a potential business opportunity or making investment decisions, company, industry and investment research can be critical.





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AtoZdatabases is the premier job search, reference, and mailing list resource. Its databases are ideal for finding sales leads; for doing market research; and for locating job opportunities, friends, and relatives.

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Data Axle

Data Axle is a robust tool that offers up-to-date data for business and residential information plus mapping and visualization features. Locate companies, find jobs and business opportunities, track down addresses and phone numbers, research market trends, and assemble data for business-related analysis.

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The Weiss Financial Rating Series provides:

⦁    Details on stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and exchange traded funds.

⦁    Strength ratings for banks, credit unions, and insurance companies

⦁    Information about Medicare Supplemental insurance – specifically Medigap – with comparisons on rates and plan benefits

⦁    Links to e-book titles on Financial topics of all kinds, such as:
⦁    Consumer Guides
⦁    Planning for the Future
⦁    How to Become an Investor
⦁    Financial Literacy Basics

⦁    Articles from Weiss Ratings on timely investment, banking, and insurance topics.

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