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    Click Here to ApplyDauphin, Perry, and Cumberland County residents who reside in an Access PA served area can apply for a DCLS library card by registering online below or by bringing approved identification to the nearest Dauphin County Library. The Dauphin County Library System will issue cards to residents from birth up to age 17 with parental permission and approved parental/guardian identification.

    Non Dauphin County residents should check their local library card for the blue Access PA sticker. This designates your local library as a participant in the Access PA program. Bring your local card with the sticker to any DCLS library to obtain a DCLS card.

    Individuals who do not live in an Access PA served area will be charged a yearly fee of $60 to use the library services. Please click here to see if you live in an area that does not participate in the Access PA program.


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    Cards will arrive in the mail in 5-10 business days after you click on the submit button below. Stop by your local Dauphin County Library with your new library card and identification (Documents Needed To Obtain A Library Card) to upgrade to a full service card to check out library materials.

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    Parent/Guardian Agreement: By adding my name in the box below, I agree as the parent/guardian of this minor child, to accept full responsibility for this child’s use of library resources, including all fines, fees and charges. I understand that the Dauphin County Library System provides access to a wide range of resources, including print and non-print collections and the Internet.

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    Borrower agreement: By clicking submit I accept full responsibility for all fines, fees or charges incurred on this account. I will comply with all library rules and give prompt notice of a lost of stolen card or change in phone number or address.>> Click here for more information


    If you do not wish to register online: complete this form, print it, and bring to any DCLS library to obtain your card.


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