Computers at The Library

Computer access is FREE to all at The Library. >> Get a Card

The Library offers both laptops and desktop computers that are a shared resource and available on a walk-in, first-come first-served basis. Laptops can also be reserved for group use when you book a library meeting room.

  • Each member must use his/her own library card to use or borrow a computer. Use of another person’s library card number is not allowed for computer access.
Laptop Computers are available to library members at East Shore Area Library, Elizabethville Area Library, Johnson Memorial Library, Kline Library, and Northern Dauphin Library and support has been provided through the generosity of the Estate of Joan C. Dorsey, the generosity of The Friends of Kline Library, and a grant from M&T Bank

Laptops Computers Borrowing Policy

  • Laptops are for in-library use only.
  • Member must be 18 years of age.
  • Library account must be in good standing (no outstanding fines over $10.00)
  • Laptops can be used up to 30 minutes prior to the closing of the library.
  • Each laptop is equipped with operating software, a standard suite of Microsoft Office products and built in Wi-Fi.  No additional software may be installed or downloaded.
  • Data may not be saved to the laptop.
  • Printing is available using a USB drive or the Print Anywhere service for a fee.

Desktop Computers are available for free to library members at all eight library locations.

Desktop Computer Borrowing Policy

  • Members can make same day reservations while at the library.
  • Printing in color and black & white is available for a fee.

Wireless Internet Access

  • The Mission of the Dauphin County Library System (The Library) is to strengthen the community by promoting literacy and providing resources and services for information, education, and recreation. In accordance with that mission, The Library offers free wireless Internet access for use with personal laptop computers and other wireless  mobile devices.

Internet Policy and Acceptable Use

  • The The Library Internet Use Policy, and other library policies apply to use of the wireless network.  Access to visual depictions defined as obscene, child pornography, and harmful to minors, is prevented by the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) and the policies of this library system.
  • Because computers are located in a public area, what you view is not private. Please be considerate of other library users and refrain from displaying materials that might reasonably be considered objectionable. Displaying obscene materials to minors or printing such materials may be a violation of the law and could result in penalties up to and including imprisonment.
  • Library users may also be able to access other wireless networks within the library that are not provided by The Library. The The Library Internet Use Policy also governs use of these non-library wireless networks while on library property.

Wireless Limitations and Disclaimers

  • By choosing to use this free service, you agree to abide by The Library’s Internet Use and other policies that apply. The Internet Use Policy states the limitations of internet access and your responsibilities while using the access provided.
  • We have tried to make wireless access as available as possible in our libraries but you may encounter some “dead” spots in a library where wireless reception may be limited. If you have trouble accessing the Internet or staying online please move to a different location within the library.
  • Library staff can provide general information or handouts for connecting devices to the wireless network, but cannot troubleshoot problems related to wireless devices or assist in making changes to a device’s network settings and/or hardware configuration. The library is not able to provide technical assistance and no guarantee can be made that you will be able to make a wireless connection. The library will, however, verify that the router is connected and the wireless signal broadcasted is in service.
  • Electrical outlets for equipment may not be available. Unplugging existing equipment from outlets is not permitted. Running power cords across public areas is also not permitted.
  • Printers may not be available while using this service.
  • The The Library wireless network is not secure. Information sent to and from your laptop computer or other wireless capable device may be captured by other people. Use of the The Library’s wireless network is entirely at the risk of the user and the library disclaims all liability.  The Library will not be responsible for any information that is compromised, including but not limited to financial and credit card information, or for any damage caused to your hardware or software.
  • The Library assumes no responsibility for the safety of your equipment i.e. computer laptop or other wireless capable device and/or configurations, security, or data files resulting from using the library’s wireless access and connections.
  • Personal equipment should never be left unattended, and The Library is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged property.


  • You will need a laptop computer or other wireless capable device with 802.11b or 802.11g wireless networking. If you are not sure if your laptop computer or other device has this functionality, please check with the manufacturer or supplier of your equipment.

Today, most laptop computers come with wireless cards already installed. However, for older models, you may need to purchase a wireless card. The manufacturer or supplier of your equipment, or local technology business can help you find the right product for your laptop computer or other wireless capable device.