Some of you may have noticed that all The Library’s locations were closed Monday due to staff training. We were able to review the mission of The Library:


The Dauphin County Library System strengthens the community by promoting literacy and providing resources and services for information, education, and recreation.



library staff 1
<em>The best and most accurate depiction of library staff.</em>


Different locations had a number of team-building exercises, to remind us how we strive to interact with the public and one another.


library staff 2
<em>Team cool ladies!</em>


We even reviewed job descriptions with a Family Feud-style game!


It was a good chance for us as library staff to meet and strengthen our relationships with one another.


library staff 4
<em>I trust you to use our catalog system AND to not mess up this poster. Teamwork makes the dream work!</em>


The main focus was how we can work together to make The Library experience the best it can be–whatever that experience may be for you. We want you to be satisfied, whether you use our website, follow us on social media, attend library programs, visit our locations in person, or use our resources in some other way.


library staff 5
<em>Team Red…because they are so well-read! (Ha ha…get it?)</em>


Thank you to everyone who participated in Monday’s Staff Enrichment Day!