Welcome to the 2020 Summer Reading Club Online adventure!

Welcome to our Quest -- Imagine your story!

Your goal is to complete 8 challenges based on your knowledge of stories, science, movies and more. This is an adventure for a wide range of ages so you may select the level of difficulty. These levels are:

(Recommended for 6 - 12 year olds)

(Recommended for 13 – 17 year olds)

(Recommended for Adults)


Choose your level below to start your adventure.




Once upon a time, there was a wonderful library, guarded by a three-headed dragon. Goldilocks the Unicorn visited Castle Afla to browse their fabled library. Goldilocks arrived to find that the gate was unlocked and entered the castle. While Goldilocks was browsing the shelves, the Dragon returned and found that the unicorn had made a mess of the library! The Dragon chased the unicorn out of the castle, but not before Goldilocks took several books from the castle.  In a rush to get away from the three-headed dragon, the books became scattered across the land. Can you help Goldilocks return them to the library?  We’ll need to visit many places to find these stories?  Can you help us Save our Stories?  Let’s start by figuring out what you know about books and libraries.