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Learn a new language

So you are planning or thinking of planning a trip, or maybe being cooped up has inspired you to learn a new language.  Well, check out Mango Languages located on the Dauphin County Library System homepage under the Research & Resources icon/Research tab.



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Mango offers more than 70 languages to choose from. You can set up an account by creating a username and password. Once you login with your username and password,   you will be able to create a Mango profile. With this profile you can add the Mango app to your smartphone or tablet and keep track of your learning on the go. Most of Mango’s courses are designed for English speakers looking to learning a new language. However, Mango also offers a number of courses designed for those who would like to learn English (including courses for speakers of Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Arabic, and 15 additional languages). 

There are tutorials available with the course to assist in your journey.  The courses focus on all four conventional language components: vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, and culture. Improve your pronunciation with audio speed adjusters and voice pattern software. Each chapter’s vocabulary comes in relevant little packets, with labels like “getting around” or “shopping and payment.”  Grammar is also easy to learn on Mango, thanks to the color-coded parts of speech and helpful tips on the difference between literal and understood meanings of a phrase.  


If your intention is to have fun, quickly prepare for real-world conversations, and explore another culture, Mango may be just for you. 

Check it out!!

Good Luck- Buena suerta!!