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Giving Tuesday Campaign at The Library

Wednesday December 20th, 2017


giving tuesdayOn November 28th The Library partnered with Bethesda Mission for a #GivingTuesday campaign. Bethesda is an outreach organization that works to combat homelessness in the Harrisburg area. They provide shelter, food, community programming, veteran services, and much more to men, women, and children in need.

The Library is so grateful to everyone who contributed to #GivingTuesday. The day was long, busy, and VERY successful. At each of our eight libraries we offered coloring pages, special #unselfie photo ops, snacks, and snazzy donation stickers.

#GivingTuesday featured three donation options for library users: food, funds, or books. All nonperishable food items and money raised went to the Bethesda Mission in Harrisburg. The books, however, have been kept for The Library’s outreach activities.

In total, over 200 books have been donated so far!

The amount of food that has been donated is even more impressive. According to Bethesda in Harrisburg, The Library has donated 1,576 pounds of food. Last year we collected 667 pounds of food…that is a difference of 909 lbs! If you think about it, we have donated an additional weight of five good-sized adults.

giving tuesdayAnd our eight libraries weren’t the only source of food donations: a local Junior named Paxton selected #GivingTuesday for his school project. Over the next few weeks, he has promised us even more food.

After all, #GivingTuesday may be over, but #TheLibrary will continue to collect food donations on behalf of Bethesda Mission and book donations for our outreach activities. We will continue to accept nonperishable food items at each of our eight libraries through December 22.

Check out our page at dcls.org/givingtuesday for more information on #GivingTuesday.

To support The Library year-round, go to dcls.org/donate










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