This is no time for The Library to be quiet.

All viewpoints are welcome here.


The Dauphin County Library System stands with our community, other public libraries and the American Library Association against censorship, racism, and injustice. Anywhere. Everywhere.


Recent attempts in our nation to censor the free exchange of ideas, information, books, and viewpoints is counter to the democratic principles of a free public library. We support robust dialog and civil civic discourse.

At this critical time, it is also important to say what else we stand for.


We stand for racial equity and social justice. We reject bigotry, intolerance, and hatred in all forms.


We stand for access. For everyone. What matters here is what you want to know and how we can work with you to build that knowledge. Our mission is to connect you with people, ideas and information that will help you achieve your best life.


We stand for connection. Because we all need hope at this time, and we need to learn from one another. And we need to do better—to be better, together.


We stand for positive change. As our community moves forward, The Library will work with others seeking to connect, understand, learn, heal, and grow.


We stand for safe exploration of ideas. You are welcome to fully inform yourself with the tools we provide and make up your own mind here. Without judgment. Free of interference. With respect.


We stand for inclusion. We’re committed to providing resources that reflect and support our community. All of our community. Find your voice here. And if you don’t find it, speak out to let us know how we can do better. We’ll listen.


We stand for kindness and mutual concern. We’re committed to upholding human dignity, communicating openly and often, and respecting the uniqueness of each individual.


We stand for your right to actively participate in our democracy. Your questions are welcome. If you have a problem, our goal is to help you find a solution. Libraries were built to be the cornerstone of good citizenship, to aid you in informing yourself and exercising your freedom to speak, act, and vote.


We stand for all these things. But most importantly,

We stand with you.


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