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When You're Hot You're Hot

Friday August 28th, 2020

August isn't the only thing that sizzles! The library’s Film Noir collection heats up the screen with Double Indemnity, The Big Sleep, Mildred Pierce, Sunset Boulevard.  For a modern day sizzler try A Star is Born.  Never saw The Bodyguard?  The erotic thriller Lust/Caution?  Check ‘em out.  If you’ve got your heart set on that irresistible femme fatale or leading man, simply type their name in our catalog search bar to browse their films.  We’ve got Denzel, Selena Gomez, Leonardo, Scarlett Johansson and dozens more.    For a smooth and smokin’ musical groove, take a listen to Marvin Gaye, Amy Winehouse, The Boss, George Michael, Nina Simone.  And who could forget Elvis? Again, simply type the artist’s or group’s name in the search bar. We’ve got jazz, blues, country-western, instrumentals, you name it.  .

When searching for books, get creative with your keywords. 

In the mood for Urban Fiction?   Type “Urban Fiction” in our catalog search bar.   It’s that easy.   You can also zero in on your interest by using our Catalog Advanced Search option located just under the Search bar.    For Romance material, click on the drop down arrow for Subject, then type “Romance” in the search bar opposite.  Designate format in the search box labeled Format.   Choose books, audio books, or electronic material.   Search “Dating” in Subject.    Type Men’s Fashion or Women’s Fashion in the search bar if you need a little style boost before you walk out the door for that rendezvous.   Cuz when you’re hot you’re hot!

Diane is Information Services Assistant at The Library

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