• Key Staff Members

    Administration Building

    Phone: (717) 234.4961
    Fax: (717) 234.7479


    Library Administrators

    Rich Bowra, Executive Director

    Lisa Moyer, Public Services Director

    Karen Cullings, Community Relations Director


    Library Managers

    East Shore Area Library
    Marjorie McKensie, Library Manager
    WebMailESA@DCLS.org, 652.9380 x122

    Elizabethville Area Library
    Holly Etzweiler, Library Manager
    WebMailEV@DCLS.org, 362.9825 x301

    Johnson Memorial Library
    Ann Bruner, interim Library Manager
    WebMailJOH@DCLS.org, 692.2658

    Kline Library
    Albert Municino, Library Manager
    WebMailKL@DCLS.org, 234.3934 x15

    McCormick Riverfront Library
    Albert Municino, Library Manager
    WebMailMRL@DCLS.org, 234.4976 x203

    Madeline L. Olewine Memorial Library
    Yvonne Carmicheal, Library Manager
    WebMailMOM@DCLS.org, 232.7286 x105

    Northern Dauphin Library
    Holly Etzweiler, Library Manager
    WebMailND@DCLS.org, 453.9315 x205

    William H. & Marion C. Alexander Family Library
    Dustin Brinton-Wilson, Library Manager
    WebMailHUM@DCLS.org, 566.0949 x112


    Volunteer Information

    Joni Williamson, Volunteer Program Coordinator


    Website Department

    Katie Hall, Website Manager


    Human Resources Department

    Katie Nix, Human Resources Director


    Youth Services Department

    Lisa Howald, Youth Services Programming and Outreach Coordinator
    YouthProgram@dcls.org, 566.0949 x218, Alexander Family Library

    Hannah Killian, Youth Collection Coordinator
    YouthServ@DCLS.org, 652.9380 x144, East Shore Area Library


    Programming & Outreach

    Lisa Moyer, interim Adult Programming & Outreach Coordinator
    EventsCoordinator@dcls.org, 234.4961 x105, McCormick Riverfront Library


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