• North of BostonI scream sandwich! : inspired recipes for the ultimate frozen treatNemo : heart of iceIce shearAlone on the ice : the greatest survival story in the history of exploration
    frozenChasing ShackletonHoosh : roast penguin, scurvy day, and other stories of Antarctic cuisineChasing Shackleton : re-creating the world's greatest journey of survival
    Birdseye : the adventures of a curious manThe everything ice cream, gelato, and frozen desserts cookbookIn the kingdom of ice : the grand and terrible polar voyage of the U.S.S. JeannetteWhite fever : a journey to the frozen heart of SiberiaRake with a frozen heart
    Frozen heatSnowpiercer. 2, The explorersThe frozen deadAntarctica : an intimate portrait of a mysterious continentForty days without shadow : an Arctic thriller
    Cold storage, AlaskaLost Antarctica : adventures in a disappearing landThe penguins of Madagascar : Operation AntarcticaThe collector of lost things
    Frozen in time : an epic story of survival, and a modern quest for lost heroes of World War IIStrange shores1912 : the year the world discovered AntarcticaShackleton : Antarctic odysseyFrozen
    Frozen : the songsThe last ocean : Antarctica's Ross Sea project : saving the most pristine ecosystem on earth
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