• Have you discovered these in our libraries? 

    Audiovisual Lecture Series
    Audiovisual lecture series are college-level courses taught by college and university professors utilizing an audio or video format.  Often there are booklets or course guidebooks included with the CDs or DVDs. 

    Blu-ray DVDs
    Blu-ray is a new type of DVD which uses a blue-violet laser to read and write data.  Blu-ray discs can only be played on Blu-ray DVD players and can store large amounts of information.  Another advantage of the format is its ability to record, rewrite, and play back high-definition video.         

    Readings & Recordings
    Are you interested in how your favorite music recording came to be?  The Readings & Recordings collection is books and cds packaged together.  Each book gives a detailed history of the recording of a specific music album, from the 1960s through the 2000s, from Led Zeppelin to Abba to John Coltrane.  DCLS will soon be adding a section of dvds to this collection with books relating information on the making of classic films.

    Paperback horror
    Horror fiction is intended to evoke feelings of fear or dread in the reader.  It can deal with the supernatural or the everyday, as long as there is some fearful emotional or psychological response.  Probably the most well-know contemporary horror writer is Stephen King, but our collection contains many more authors, current and past.
    World language collection
    The population served by the library system is diverse in background.  Included in this population are people whose native language is not English.  The library system maintains a small collection of fiction and nonfiction titles in world languages such as Spanish, French, Russian, and Vietnamese.

    Downloadable audiobooks
    Download best selling digital titles 24/7 to play on your PC, MP3 player or PDA. With a valid library card and PIN you can browse and search hundreds of great titles and download them to your computer, transfer them to a portable device, or burn onto a CD for your listening pleasure. Enjoy spoken word audio, anytime, anywhere.  Please note that audiobooks are not for use on the computers in our libraries nor can they be downloaded inside the libraries.

    Reference USA
    Find residential and business phone numbers and addresses and more! Reference USA provides valuable information for researchers, students and job-seekers.  Company profiles in the Business database include address, phone number, size, lines of business, corporate trees, maps, and executive or contact for each firm. The Residential database covers 120 million households, 222 million persons.

    Ingles sin Barreras
    Ingles sin Barreras is a self-study English course for Spanish speakers living in the United States. It helps users become more proficient in written and spoken English. 
    Local history collection
    The local history collection is a collection of materials considered unique to Dauphin County and the Capital Area Library District.  The library system selects materials in categories which include but are not limited to: Dauphin County family histories, primary source materials of Harrisburg and Dauphin County, secondary source materials for Dauphin, Cumberland, Adams, Perry, Lebanon, Lancaster, and York counties, city directories, works by local authors, regional histories, state and local histories of other areas, military history publications, and biographical materials.  Primary source materials can include correspondence, obituary notices, newspapers, scrapbooks, and books of original entry such as ledgers and journals.  Secondary source materials can include published books, compilations of records, maps, magazines, and atlases.  Local history collections are not available at all DCLS locations.  Most of these items are for in-library use only.

    One Book, Every Young Child trunks
    Each year, traveling trunks are developed by museum educators to help expand upon the concepts in the chosen book. Each trunk is filled with fun book-related puppets, games and manipulatives for young children. In addition, each trunk includes a guide for librarians and educators that encourages use of the trunk contents in activities that are aligned with the Pennsylvania Early Learning Standards.


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