McCormick Riverfront Library Re-Opening

The doors are open, the ribbon’s been cut! Welcome to you your new home away from home! On October 20, The McCormick Riverfront Library and Haldeman Haly House reopened revealing the transformation made possible after 14 months of planning and construction. Through a $3.5 million capital campaign supported by a broad spectrum of individuals and organizations like you, the 107-year-old building is reimagined to be more spacious, modern, child-friendly, and accessible and to serve as an anchor of community life. But this is only the beginning. The new space sets the table for more fully incorporating The Library into downtown Harrisburg’s cultural, educational, and social life and its institutions.

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T. Morris Chester Welcome Center

The Center pays tribute to one of Harrisburg’s heroes and our nation’s first Black war correspondent. The Center serves as the central access point to The Library. It is also a portal to information on T. Morris Chester, Harrisburg’s Old Eighth Ward, and other local histories for families.

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Children’s Space

The Children’s Center, also part of the newly renovated space at the McCormick Riverfront Library, has been buzzing with activity! With a new multi-purpose space dedicated just to children and families, The Library has had an influx of visitors to this unique space including local schools.

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Pay It Forward

Thanks to the amazing generosity of our community for Paying it Forward… The Library is now fine free. Donors made this program possible, library fees account for a small portion of The Library’s budget, but that revenue is still important for operating support. Thanks to our Fine Free Friend’s this program will continue to benefit your community.

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Super Cool Book Lovers Parade

For the second year in a row, The Library kicked off the summer with Super Cool Book Parades. This year we added a second event location – Halifax Middle/High Schools. These events are community-building and celebratory events that put free books in the hands of community members to start their Summer Reading Challenge off right. Summer reading is much more than an afternoon trip to the library to checkout your next great read. It provides vital resources to keep students’ minds actively engaged while their bodies are on vacation. Thanks to donors like you, summer reading has become a community tradition that promotes reading for fun and lifelong learning.

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The Library strives to connect all segments of our community and represent them in all collections.

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Business Center

In the age of mobile work, The Library has stepped into a “second responder” role, in part, by serving as “home-away-from-home offices.” Throughout the Dauphin County Library System, computers have become a lifeline for community members doing their work, conducting job searches, submitting job applications, and writing résumés. The Library is also where Dauphin County residents can apply for support such as rent relief and food assistance.

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The Library By the Numbers

The following is a sampling of some of the interesting and unique questions we have handled in 2022:

• Value of antique Easter decorations

• Consumer Protection complaints

• Ukraine resources

• Printing credit reports

• Navigating Social Security website

• Landing Ships in WWII

• Revolutionary War Drummer Boys

• Camp Lejeune Class Action Suitcovered illnesses

• KN95 masks – reusability guidelines

• Copy of 1947 article reporting UFO sighting in Patriot-News

• Birth announcements from 1971

• Seahorses

• Required minimum distributionreporting

• Archimedes

• Dutch Surnames

• Printing an eviction notice

• Pulse oximeter ratings and reviews

• Cream of chicken soup recipe

• How the body produces heat

Your Place

What does it mean? Well, that’s simple.

These are your libraries, that you built, your places for study, for enlightenment, for respite, your places for resources, and your places to belong...

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