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Children's Summer Reading Highlights

Thursday June 9th, 2022

At The Library, the summer reading program fosters a life-long love of reading by bringing engaging stories to children of all ages and provides meals to students in the months when school is out. Thanks to you, more than 1,579 students committed to summer reading, and 4,356 lunches were served to students by library staff and volunteers.

Throughout summer reading, participants earn points by logging reading time, writing reviews, creating picture reviews, and other activities. These points open the door to an array of Summer Reading Club adventures. This year’s programs included African Drum Circle with Music Play Patrol, Cartooning in Color with Joe Wos, Color Yoga with Peaceful Poses Yoga for Kids, and
Magnificent Macaws with Teachers of Nature.


As always, the program rewarded all participants for their reading efforts over the summer while school was not in session. Students from all nine Dauphin County school districts were encouraged to participate through Summer Reading Club bookmarks and other outreach.


• A total of 1,579 children participated in the 2021 program.

• Children up to age 17 collectively read for a grand total of 1,061,903 minutes over the summer
and read 39,296 books!

• In addition, 72 children and their parents attended in-person and outdoor pop-up programming,
while 350 children participated in our online programs.

• 350 children and parents attended the Super Cool Book Parade at John Harris High School to
kick off summer reading.

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