Reserve the New Traveling Trunk

  • Please fill out the online form below. We will do our best to accommodate as many facilities as possible.
  • In order to do this, no facility may have the trunk for more than three consecutive days. Before filling this form out, please check the calendar below to see when the trunk is already booked.  Also, please understand that there must be enough time in between bookings for the trunk to be transported.
  • This year’s trunk will be available for booking through September 30th. After that it will be added to our collection and the public will be able to place standard holds on the trunk. Previous years’ trunks are available by placing a standard hold in our catalog.
  • When we receive your request, we will respond letting you know if the trunk is available to you on the dates you requested.


Click here to view the calendar of reserved trunk dates 



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If this is not your card, the library will need confirmation from the cardholder that the Traveling Trunk may be booked on this card.

Dates you wish to have the trunk (no more than three consecutive days)

Please click here for a calendar of reserved trunk dates prior to making your request.

Any facility using the Traveling Trunk must agree to fill out the online survey on the website within one week of using the trunk. This information is used for library tracking and for state data collection.
By clicking this box, I understand that I agree to submit a survey within one week of using the Traveling Trunk or I will not be able to book future Traveling Trunks from Dauphin County Library System.
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