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2016: Kite Day by Will Hillenbrand

kite dayBear and Mole build a kite and take it out on a windy day, but when the weather suddenly turns stormy there are unexpected consequences for some birds. Reserve this trunk




2015: Number One Sam by Greg Pizzoli

number one samSam is used to winning everything, including car racing, his sport of choice. His wall of trophies and trinkets show off his talent for success until the day the unthinkable happens: the pup loses the big race because he stops for a group of oblivious chickens in the middle of the track. Then his cheering friends and the chickens let him know that he is still number one with them. Traveling Trunk contents




2014: Stripes of All Types by Susan Stockdale

stripes of all typesWhat kinds of animals have stripes? And why do they have them? InStripes of All Types, we learn that animals have stripes for all kinds of reasons! Author and illustrator Susan Stockdale brings to life a patterned parade of animals. Bouncy, alliterative rhyme and simple phrases keep readers entertained in this nominee for ALA's Notable Children's Book award. Traveling Trunk contents



2013: The Bus for Us by Suzanne Bloom

the bus for usTess is excited. Today is her first day of school, and her very first ride on the school bus. Waiting at the bus stop with her older friend Gus, Tess eagerly asks, "Is this the bus for us, Gus?" as each vehicle passes by. From fire engine to front loader, Suzanne Bloom introduces young readers to a variety of vehicles through a simple text and spirited illustrations. Traveling Trunk contents





2012: Stop Snoring, Bernard! by Zachariah OHora.

stop snoring bernardBernard loves curling up to go to sleep. But there is one little problem. Bernard snores ... LOUDLY! So loudly that he keeps all the otters awake during naptime. So loudly that Grumpy Giles tells Bernard to move his snoring somewhere else! Sad and lonely, Bernard tries sleeping in new places far away from the other otters: in a lake, in puddles, in a fountain. But no matter where he tries to nap, somebody complains. All Bernard wants to hear are the words: "Good night!" Traveling Trunk contents




2011: Whose Shoes! by Stephen R. Swinburne.

whose shoesShoes can tell a lot about a person. They can describe someone's job, hobbies, or personality. Explore various occupations through a simple story with bright, colorful photographs. Young learners and readers will also enjoy answering the question, "Whose shoes?" Traveling Trunk contents



2010: What a Treasure! by Jane and Will Hillenbrand.

what a treasureA charming story about a young mole that digs for treasure, but what is the real treasure here? Everything he finds is the perfect treasure to share with someone else, except for the one last treasure, which the mole finally keeps for his own...another mole friend. Traveling Trunk contents




2009: If You Were a Penguin by Wendell and Florence Minor.

if you were a penguinAn entertaining and educational story encourages children to step inside a penguin's world, learn fun facts about penguins and helps them to identify the many different kinds of penguins found throughout the world. Traveling Trunk contents

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