New Book Alerts – Frequently Asked Questions

How can I see more than just this week’s new titles?

There are a few ways to view more than the current week’s new titles. While the default page covers the last 7 days, you can opt to view the last 14 days or the last 30 days at the top of the page:

nba 1

Email Edition refers to the weekly email that is sent out to subscribers. It is the default 7 day view.

You can also view older new materials by clicking on “Previous” next to the Current Edition:

nba 2

This will show you the prior editions of New Book Alert, regardless if you’ve opted for the 7, 14, or 30 day view. So for example, if you’re looking at 30 days of New Book Alert and click on “Previous,” you will see the new materials from the month before:

nba 3

Please keep in mind that we began to use New Book Alerts in January 2015, so anything before that time will not be accurate.


How do I limit the titles displayed to only the types of materials I am interested in viewing?

You can choose what kinds of items you see displayed by clicking on the subjects on the left side of New Book Alerts. Most of the books will be listed first, then audiobooks, DVDs (including Blu-rays), and music.


How can I subscribe to receive email alerts of new materials?

At the top of the New Book Alerts page, there is a button that says “Subscribe,” Clicking on this will take you to the subscription box located beneath all the categories on the left. Enter your email address to begin receiving weekly emails.

nba 4

You may also be prompted to sign up for email alerts the first time you visit the webpage.


I am only interested in certain types of materials. If I subscribe to the weekly newsletter, can I limit what types of materials are sent to me?

The New Book Alerts newsletter looks exactly like the default 7 day view of the website. Unfortunately you cannot limit which collections you receive by email (e.g., just music or just mysteries), but you can always limit what is displaying with the categories on the left.


How do I reserve an item that is shown on a New Book Alert list?

If you find an item on New Book Alert that you’d like to request, you can click on the blue “Check Catalog” button beneath the item’s cover or the “Check Availability” link beneath the item’s description. Both of these will take you to our catalog where you can reserve the item using your library card number and your PIN.

nba 5


Can I still find titles that were newly purchased before the New Book Alerts service became active?

We generally leave New Materials Lists up on our website for three months. The lists from December 2014, January 2015, and February 2015 will remain active on the New and Featured Materials page through April of 2015. After that, they will all be removed from the website.


Why did The Library stop providing monthly New Materials lists? Will New Book Alert still allow me to quickly locate the materials I like best?

The Library has not really stopped providing monthly lists of the newest materials; we’ve just changed how they are presented. All of the information that was in our New Materials lists can be found in New Book Alerts, and then some!

Using New Book Alerts allows us to showcase many more new materials than we could before. With New Materials lists, we were limited to audio-visual material and large print books. But we had so many more new materials that you probably never got a chance to see! With New Book Alert, you can find the latest purchases in almost all of our genres and age groups.

New Book Alerts also saves our librarians time. Since we don’t have to spend time adding keywords to thousands of new items, we are able to process them more quickly and get them on the shelves and into your hands.

We hope that you will enjoy the options opened up to you with New Book Alerts. However, if you still have questions, a library staff member would be more than happy to help you find what you are looking for.


Is New Book Alerts going to affect the Coming Soon lists that I find online and in my library?

The Coming Soon lists that are online and in the libraries will not change. You will still be able to use these lists place your holds before books are published. New Book Alerts shows you all of the brand new materials that we didn’t have room for on our Coming Soon lists.