Hoopla Service Changes 

Dauphin County Library System (The Library) is introducing a daily lending limit to its Hoopla Service beginning on October 1, 2017.  

Why is this limit necessary? 

The Hoopla service gives access via downloads to e-book, e-audio book, and e-music titles, as well as the ability to stream movies and television programs.  We can tell our patrons enjoy Hoopla because the monthly usage has increased steadily over the past two years.  Each time a patron downloads or streams a title, the Library pays a fee, and costs have risen steadily.  To ensure that the Hoopla service can continue, on October 1, 2017, we will begin a daily lending limit.  


How will the new limits work? 

• Each time a library patron downloads or streams a Hoopla title, the library is charged a fee. When the total daily downloads reach the lending limit, the system stops any further downloads or streaming for the remainder of the day until a reset is done.

• Resets are done by Hoopla and occur later in the evening of the day when the limit is reached.

• After the reset, patrons can resume downloading or streaming titles 


How will I know that the Daily Limit is reached?

The following message will appear when the daily limit is reached:

“Your library’s daily lending limit has been reached for the day, and will reset this evening.  This is a library-administered limit, and differs from your monthly borrowing limit.  Please continue to browse, add to favorites, and return after reset to borrow.”

What is the difference between the Daily Lending Limit & the Monthly Borrowing Limit mentioned in the message?

Though there is a daily lending limit for the library system, there is no change in the number of items a patron can borrow each month—called the monthly borrowing limit.  Patrons continue to have 6 titles that can be downloaded or streamed each month.

Contacting Us

We regret this change was necessary, and thank you for your understanding.  We realize you may have questions, so please feel free to contact us.  Here are a few ways to do so:
• By calling, emailing, or coming in to your nearest Dauphin County Library System location.

• By using our online Contact-Us feedback form.

• By filling out our online Ask-A-Librarian form.