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Welcome Our Library Heroes!

No matter what Friends group you belong to we value your efforts. Here in Community Relations we always want to provide you with the support you need to do your job as a Library Hero. We can help you with any project you have in mind, from reserving a meeting room to helping you publicize your event—we can provide printed materials as well as contact with media outlets.

Please check this page frequently for updated information about current projects at The Library that your Friends Group might wish to support. We’d also like to be able to give your members early access to events and announcements happening in your libraries. Make sure you check the News section on the right side of this page for all this information.


Meeting Room/Promotion Request Form

This form will help you to submit all the information needed to reserve a room and promote your event using the Community Relations Department at The Library.


Click here for some useful information to help you fill out the Meeting Room/Promotion Request Form online.

Click here to see when meeting rooms are available.

If you have any other questions about filling out this form please contact the CR Administrative Assistant at 234-4961 x 109.

Click here to provide information on Friends Event Presenters.


Promotional Options available to our Library Heroes

When you check the “Promotional” box on the Room Reservation/Promotion Request form your event or meeting will be eligible to have a News Release written and sent to local media by Community Relations. This also makes the event eligible for listing in Bookings (The Library’s printed events calendar), on The Library website calendar listing, on the The Library FaceBook page and possibly in Information Place (the donor newsletter.) Deadlines for these promotional avenues are listed below:

News Release Promotion 
January Events– October 11th 
February Events – November 11th
March Events – December 11th
April Events – January 11th
May Events – February 11th
June Events – March 11th
July Events – April 11th
August Events – May 11th
September Events – June 11th
October Events – July 11th
November Events – August 11th
December Events – September 11th

Quarterly Connect Newsletter 
March/April/May Issue –  Friends Form deadline December 14
June/July/August Issue – Friends Form deadline March 15
September/October/November Issue – Friends Form deadline June 15
December/January/February Issue – Friends Form deadline September 15

Spring Copy Deadline – January 27
March Delivery

Summer Copy Deadline – April 27
June Delivery

Fall Copy Deadline – July 27
September Delivery

Winter Copy Deadline – October 27
December Delivery

DCLS Facebook Page – No deadline
DCLS Website Calendar Listing– No deadline


Printed Materials for Our Library Heroes

The Community Relations Department provides full design and printing services for our Friends Groups. Send us copy, preferably via email, and we’ll design posters, flyers and brochures to support all of your Friends’ Group activities and then print them and deliver them directly to the library of your choice — all in a very cost effective and efficient manner. You can also request Posters, Flyers and Bookmarks by using the check boxes in the Room Request and Events Form above. Please make sure that you include the quantity of each item when you submit the form.

Below are three options for you to choose from for the cover of your brochures. These images of “Library Volunteers” can also be used in other printed materials like general membership posters and flyers. We also have an extensive library of other photos and clipart that we use with our own printed materials that we can use for your materials as well.

We would prefer that you give us a month of lead time on printed projects so that we can provide you with the best possible printed pieces. If you would like to have an estimate of cost on a project, click here for a pricing and timing sheet. Or, you can call Christina Lauver, Marketing and Public Relations Manager at 234-4961 x 114 or email her at for additional information.

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We Love Our Heroes!

And we look forward to working with you. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions at 234-4961 x 109.


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