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Winter Blues and COVID

Wednesday February 3rd, 2021

Winter Blues

Winter brings cold weather and sometimes precipitation, like snow and icy conditions. It also brings less daylight for us to enjoy. Many of us who work, wake up in the dark and by the time we are off work, it is dark – where did the daylight go??? The Covid virus has added additional challenges, such as limiting socialization with friends and relatives. Our work may also have been affected as many companies now practice work from home for their employees- no more stopping by Jane’s desk for a chat or stopping by to provide assistance for a co-worker on a project.

We all know sometimes things are easier said than done, but check out this website that was shared by my co-workers and find at least one fun thing to do to get you thru the month, week or just today.



Goof around for a bit – LET’S BE SILLY!!
Run or walk - exercise at least 30 minutes a day works wonders. If the weather is bad outside, try walking, dancing, or whatever your space allows you to do inside.
Take deep breaths – at least 3 – in and out; in and out, in and out – AAHHH
Pets are great - cuddle with yours or play with a neighbors until your local shelter allows public visits
Unplug for an hour – READ A BOOK, an E-BOOK or listen to an AUDIO BOOK- Check out the selection at your local library- order it on line and use https://www.dcls.org/




Let’s all take time to take care of ourselves. If you find you need more help, please contact your physician for additional information.

Stay Safe!!


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