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    Safe Technology

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    Internet Safety

    The Internet has lots of great information and fun things to do, but there are also dangerous things online. To be safe, you need to follow some guidelines.

    • Keep your personal information private.  Don’t post your full name, address, phone number, e-mail address, social security number, bank or credit card numbers, parents’ names, or school names.  Also keep other people’s information private.
    • Keep some control over the information you post by restricting access to your social networking page.
    • Make sure your screen name doesn’t provide too much information about yourself. Use a nickname different from your screen name when you are in chat rooms.
    • Only post information that you are comfortable with other people seeing. Remember many people can see your page including future employers, the police, and your parents.
    • Be wary of meeting new “friends.”  Your new friend may not be telling you the truth.  Do some research.  See if you can verify the information provided.  If you plan to meet your new friend, meet in a public place, take a trusted friend along, and let a trusted adult or sibling know where you will be.

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