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Your Questions Answered About Reopening

Friday July 3rd, 2020

Dear valued members,

Below are answers to questions members have frequently asked me as I have visited our recently reopened buildings. It has been good seeing everyone again and I ask all of you to please be patient as we continue expanding services as safely as the coronavirus pandemic permits.

Because your wellbeing and that of our library staff is top priority, we do require everyone to wear a mask, and we have masks for those who need one. Additionally, please follow the guidelines for social distancing and make regular use of the hand sanitizer available at all locations. 

We look forward to welcoming all of you back to our buildings!

Karen Cullings, Executive Director


Q: Which library buildings are open and what safety precautions are you taking?

A: We have partially reopened five libraries for limited use. For information on hours, available services and how we are keeping the staff and public safe, please go to www.dcls.org/ReopeningPlan 


Q: When will all eight libraries open?

A: We are working hard to reopen the rest of our libraries to full service as soon as staffing and supplies allow.  


Q: I returned books yesterday, but they don’t show on my account as returned.

A: For everyone’s safety, books and other returned materials are quarantined for three days. For more information on the science behind this policy, please visit https://www.oclc.org/en/news/releases/2020/20200622-coronavirus-undetectable-after-3-days.html


Q: Do I have to get a new paper bag every time I pick up an order? Can’t you use my reusable bag?

A: For safety, we use a new paper bag for each order. We are looking at collecting the bags for reuse in special drop-off stations but are working out the process since they would have to be quarantined for at least three days as we do with all returned items.


Q: Do I have to have a bag when I pick up my order? Can’t you hand me my items or put them in my car?

A: If you don’t want a bag, please let the staffer know, and you can receive your items without one.


Q: Are you charging fines right now? Will I be charged if I return an item when it is due, but you don’t take it out of quarantine for three days?

A: We are not charging fines for late returns. At this time, The Library is only assessing penalties for lost or damaged materials.


Q: Are the meeting rooms going to be available? If so, how and where?

A: We are in the process of working out a system for making meeting rooms available. Stay tuned!


Q: When will loans from libraries within the Dauphin County Library System, as well as those throughout the state, be available?

A: We hope to bring the service back within the next few weeks. One issue is that some libraries outside our system are still not open.


For more information, including our wide selection of online programs, please visit www.dcls.org

The above piece represents the views of the author and is meant to inspire dialogue and increase understanding and a sense of community. The opinions expressed do not necessarily represent the views of The Library. Members are welcome to comment below or contact us privately by using our online contact form >