• 2012

    Dottie & Henry Swartz Volunteer Excellence Award

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    Ron Blood
    A testament to Ron Blood’s worthiness to receive the Dottie & Henry Swartz Volunteer Excellence Award is the fact that three East Shore Area Library Departments – Circulation, Youth Services, and Reference – collaborated on his nomination.

    A volunteer since 2011, Ron typically works 3 days a week on a wide variety of tasks. Shelving and re-shelving, weeding and shelf-reading, pull lists and duplicates – Ron does it all with enthusiasm and a smile. He works to keep the difficult juvenile non-fiction collection neat and orderly, a task not suited for the faint of heart. He restocks the free resources and community flyers, processes Community Collection and withdrawn books, readies library information bags for new cardholders, and shares a cheerful and positive attitude with everyone around him. He provides critical assistance to reference staff by performing microfilm searches they wouldn’t otherwise have time to do. Library staff knows that a task assigned to Ron will be done quickly and efficiently. His devotion to the mission and the people of The Library is priceless.


    Katherine M. Myers Distinguished Service Award

    jason hoover

    Jason Hoover
    Jason Hoover, Senior Computer Technician, is the 2012 recipient of the Katherine M. Myers Distinguished Service Award. Starting out as a computer technician in 2008, he was promoted in 2010. His passion for new technology inspires everyone around him. When a new piece of emerging technology is introduced to the market, Jason is immediately thinking about how The Library could use it, how it could make work easier for staff, or how the library public could benefit from its use.

    Jason was instrumental in testing group polices on his home network. What are group policies? They help restrict public computers from installing rogue software, increasing privacy and safety for our customers. What does Jason’s offsite testing mean for The Library? It means that fewer public computers were out of service allowing us to provide great customer service – which is always a priority for Jason. Whether he is helping a staff person with email access issues or working overnight to upgrade a server, Jason’s positive customer service attitude is front and center.


    Sara Haldeman Haly Award - Person of the Year

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    Cynthia Minnich
    Cindy Minnich is a self described unabashed bibliophile; her passion for books and literacy is contagious. She can’t leave the house without a few books in hand. No matter where she is or who she’s talking to, Cindy often ends up talking books. She believes there is a book for everyone. As a high school English teacher it is her mission to find that book for all of her students. Often kids, who were never “readers” before, can’t wait to tell Cindy about their new favorite book. Years after graduation, former students stay in touch to talk about book recommendations.

    Cindy is part of a large community of educators who share a passion for books and has embraced social media to communicate about books with anyone and everyone. One of her many collaborations is as co-facilitator of The Nerdy Book Club – a place where authors and readers can talk about books and share the titles they love with other “nerds.”


    Sara Haldeman Haly Award - Catalyst

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    John Killian
    John Killian is an exceptional volunteer and his leadership has had a tremendous positive effect on the Dauphin County Library System’s ability to provide quality library service to the community.

    Mr. Killian started his library involvement while Deputy Attorney General under Governor Lawrence, during which time he authored the Library Code (PA library law) that was passed in 1961 (HB 132). His involvement with DCLS began in 1972 when he began service as a board member. Board service spanned from 1972-2007, with only the required breaks as associated with term limits on our Bylaws. Due to relocation outside of Dauphin County, he is no longer on the board but continues to serve as solicitor and is an active member of the DCLS Past President’s Council.

    During his association with The Library, he has chaired three separate capital campaigns, all of which have met and/or exceeded their goal. In 1975/76, he chaired the campaign to construct new libraries in Colonial Park (East Shore Area Library) and Elizabethville. In 1989/90, Mr. Killian chaired the “Centennial Challenge” campaign to expand these same facilities. In 2001/02, he chaired our “Libraries Are for Life” campaign to construct new facilities in uptown Harrisburg, Hummelstown, and Lykens, as well as to make improvements to the facilities in downtown Harrisburg and Hummelstown.

    It is with great pleasure that we honor John D. Killian for more than 40 years of active service to DCLS and more than 50 years of involvement with public libraries.


    Sara Haldeman Haly Award - Organization of the Year

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    Dauphin County Adult Probation & Parole
    Since 2011, Dauphin County Adult Probation & Parole has partnered with The Library to distribute information about library programs and services to the families they serve, opening the door for these families to a lifetime of opportunities. In addition, hundreds of children have been “connected” to reading through this program as we have worked together to put donated books in the hands of children. Each quarter, The Library provides Dauphin County Adult Probation & Parole approximately 125 books which they distribute to children of their clients. Because incarceration is directly related to literacy levels and can be generational, this partnership is one way to ensure stronger families with greater hope for their children's futures.


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