What is a Friend?

FriendsAt The Library, Friends are people just like you, who use their library and value the services it provides. Passionate about the library and its mission of providing information to all and encouraging lifelong learning, Friends of the Library groups help raise funds for their libraries and raise library awareness in the community.

Friends work closely with library leadership and staff to make a difference. They proudly help fund critical programs such as Summer Reading Club that are major touchstones of the library experience.

In their heart of hearts, Friends are about building community and encouraging learning.  In the heart of the Dauphin County Library System, the Friends are an invaluable and irreplaceable asset, whose contributions are essential to library success; we love our Friends!


Find out more about our current Friends Groups

East Shore Area Library

Elizabethville Area Library

Kline Library

William H. & Marion C. Alexander Family Library


Help us grow our friend groups for other locations!

McCormick Riverfront Library

Madeline L. Olewine Memorial Library

Northern Dauphin Library



Thank you for being a Friend!




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