Donor Recognition Opportunities

As a donor to the 2nd Century Campaign, regardless of gift size, you will be acknowledged for your support. You will be included in a special 2nd Century Campaign “Honor Roll of Donors” newsletter that will be produced at the conclusion of the campaign and will also be recognized (with your permission) on a special “Thank You Page” on the library’s website.


Special Gift Recognition for all 2nd Century Planned Gift and Current Gift Donors

Planned gift donors will be inducted into the 2nd Century Society, a special group that will permanently recognize all individuals and families who make a planned gift of any kind that will benefit the library at some time in the future. Please see the Types of Gifts page for more information on the many different forms a planned gift may take. As a member of the 2nd Century Society, you will be recognized in the following ways:

  • Your name/your family’s name will be included on a permanent recognition plaque at McCormick Riverfront Library designed to coordinate with and complement the existing plaque honoring Sara Haldeman Haly.
  • You will be honored online in perpetuity on a separate 2nd Century Society web page with your donor profile and photo.
  • You will receive free tickets to selected Library events.
  • We will include your name, photograph and a brief statement about the reasons for your gift within a special 2nd Century Time Capsule. The time capsule will be opened in 50 years.
  • You will receive a special 2nd Century Society library card.


Donors who make current gifts of $10,000 or more to the 2nd Century Campaign’s Special Initiatives ($700,000 goal)

All donors who make current contributions (payable over three to five years, if desired) of $10,000 or more to help fund the special 2nd Century objectives in support of adult learning and children’s literacy will receive some very special donor acknowledgment. You will be featured on a special video “slideshow” that will run throughout the day at each library. Your photograph will be included in the slideshow along with a list of some of your favorite books, authors or library services.

We also will include a quote about why you gave to the 2nd Century Campaign. This special video/slideshow will also be incorporated into the library’s website.


Donors who designate their gift for the library outreach van

mobile vanDonors who wish to have their funding specifically support the outreach van will receive the following recognition, based on gift size. In addition to the recognition for all current donors, van donors may choose these recognition options:


Gift Amount

Special Van Recognition


The van will be permanently named for the donor


Donor name(s)/logo will be printed on the van side panel


Donor name(s)/logo will be printed on the back panel


All donors of $25,000 will have their name/logo on screen savers/opening screens of library van equipment


All donors of $10,000 and more will have their name/logo on outreach promotional materials for 3 years.