What Your Gift Will Do

The 2nd Century Campaign seeks to raise:

  • $700,000 in current gifts for special programs
  • A minimum of 100 new or increased planned gifts that will help build The Library’s permanent endowment over time.


Here’s what the community receives when the campaign is successful:

  • A Brand New Customized Van that will serve as a mobile learning center. The van will house a small collection of books and other items for lending, as well as computer equipment for group and individual use. It will visit a wide variety of locations, including shelters, child care centers, parks, fairs, etc. The van will meet children and adults where they are, offer them a welcoming and open environment for learning and exploration, and introduce them to books, technology and library programs/services.
  •  babyRenewed, New and Improved Adult Programs that will address key life skill areas adult library users are requesting. Job seekers will learn how to develop resumes, perform job searches and prepare for interviews. Adults new to computers and smart devices will learn basic operating skills and how to access online library resources. Families will learn basic household budgeting and how to manage credit and credit ratings. Parents will learn best practices for encouraging literacy in children. These programs will also be taken into the community, where possible, to reach the homebound and those in shelters and other facilities.
  • Improved, Expanded, State-of-the-Art Early Learning Access for Children.More children will enter school ready to learn because they can develop the necessary skills with the help of the library. They will be able to attend programs designed to promote literacy and prepare them for success in school even if they can’t visit a library. And they will be able to keep those skills strong with digital learning software on specialized early learning stations and tablets both inside and outside the library’s walls.
  • Future endowments (through 100 new planned gifts) that could total $8 million or more and produce hundreds of thousands of dollars in income each year in perpetuity. Those future endowments will ensure that core library programs, the outreach van, adult programs and programs for children will be secured well into the future.


Current Gift Campaign Summary

Outreach Van and Services


Life Skills for Adults (3 Year Program)


Early Learning for Children (3 Year Program)


Community Connection


Current Gift Campaign Goal