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Read what the 2000th user to "Like" us on Facebook has to say about The Library!

Tuesday November 14th, 2017


Recently #TheLibrary earned our 2000th “Like” on Facebook! To celebrate this accomplishment, we decided to ask Dannielle (our 2000th Like-er) some questions about The Library and her experiences.


What is your favorite genre of book?

Dannielle: Personally, I love true crime and anything Nicholas Sparks, so opposite ends of the spectrum. Children’s board books are the recent draw to the library for my nine-month-old.


Born to readWhat is one thing you love about The Library?

Dannielle: Born to Read with Mrs. Mary Anne!


Why did you decide to "like" us on Facebook? What kind of content do you hope to see?

Dannielle: Liked the page on Facebook to follow for upcoming news and library events as we are spending more and more time there with our son especially now that winter is approaching. I’d like to see what’s available for families.


Do you have any nice memories at The Library?

Dannielle: We have many nice memories here. Sitting on the bench outside enjoying the weather waiting for the library to open (it was Baby’s first time sitting bum on bench) as well as playing in the children’s section with friends.



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