• Vito : the life of gay rights activist Vito RussoLife among the cannibals : a political career, a Tea Party uprising, and the end of governing as we know itLion of liberty : Patrick Henry and the call to a new nationHeart of a patriot : how I found the courage to survive Vietnam, Walter Reed and Karl RoveSpeaker Nancy Pelosi and the new American politics
    True compass : a memoirTeaching the pig to dance : a memoirPrice of fame : the honorable Clare Boothe LuceGrace and grit : my fight for equal pay and fairness at Goodyear and beyondEdward Kennedy : an intimate biography
    Joe Biden : a life of trial and redemptionGuardian of the republic : an American ronin's journey to faith, family, and freedomCore of conviction : my storyOff the sidelines : raise your voice, change the worldIn my time : a personal and political memoir
    A fighting chanceGabby : a story of courage and hope / Gabrielle GiffordsThe rise and fall of Senator Joe McCarthyThurgoodThe Roosevelts : an intimate history
    PattonBarack Obama : the storyMilkEisenhower : in war and peaceWashington the warrior
    Stokely : a lifeXUlysses S. Grant : warrior, presidentThe Roosevelts : an intimate historyMy beloved world
    Ronald Reagan and Margaret ThatcherA. Lincoln : a biographyHard choicesMr. civil rights : Thurgood Marshall & the NAACPAngry optimist : the life and times of Jon Stewart
    I am Abraham LincolnMy lifePat and Dick : the Nixons, an intimate portrait of a marriage41 : a portrait of my fatherRedeemer : the life of Jimmy Carter
    The hypo : the melancholic young Lincoln
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