The Brownstone Society

The William H. & Marion C. Alexander Family Library, built on the site of the old National Hotel, features a brownstone wall in the main entry rotunda. This unique facet of the building is the site of specialized recognition for members of the “Brownstone Society,” those individuals and families who both value local history and chose to recognize the importance of libraries for past and future generations. Space on the wall is limited to 40 members. You can join these special donors by making a gift of $5,000 to the Dauphin County Library System. You may have your name included on the wall, or use this unique opportunity to create a memorial or tribute to someone special. We hope you’ll join us in celebrating Hummelstown’s past and securing the future of its library.

The Giving Tree

The Giving Tree will “grows” in the main entry rotunda of the library, where it serves as a permanent record of those who made generous gifts to the library. You’re invited to help us spread the tree’s canopy and, in the process provide Hummelstown library service. Adding a leaf to the tree is an ideal way to honor someone’s memory, celebrate one of life’s milestones or pay tribute. Three types of leaves are available, gold, silver and bronze.


Sample Leaf:

giving tree example leaf (Gold leaf with custom text)