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    Information on illnesses, medical procedures, drugs, surgical procedures, therapies and more.  Whether you’re feeling under the weather or need tips for staying healthy, this is a good place to start.

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    MedlinePlus Health & Wellness

    MedlinePlus directs you to information to help answer health questions. MedlinePlus brings together authoritative information from NLM, the National Institutes of Health (NIH), and other government agencies and health-related organizations. MedlinePlus also contains extensive information about drugs and supplements, an illustrated medical encyclopedia, interactive tutorials, the latest health news, and surgery videos.

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    Consumer Health Complete

    Consumer Health Complete provides convenient access for the everyday consumer of health care information to easily understandable health and medical information. Consumers can search and browse within medical encyclopedias, popular reference books, and magazine articles.  Provided by POWER Library, produced by EBSCO.

    Influenza Evidence-based Information - Key influenza information freely available to health care providers worldwide. The information is designed to inform patients and their families and provide information to clinicians to help them with H1N1 diagnosis and H1N1 treatment by making up-to-date diagnosis and treatment information available.  Provided by POWER Library, produced by EBSCO.

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    Environmental Information (GO GREEN with GreenFile)


    Offers information covering all aspects of human impact to the environment. Its collection of scholarly, government and general-interest titles includes content on the environmental effects of individuals, corporations and governments, and what can be done at each level to minimize these effects. Topics covered include climate change, green building, pollution, sustainable agriculture, renewable energy, recycling, and more. Provided by POWER Library, produced by EBSCO.

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